Enough of the toxic tech bros? πŸ‘―

Are the new economy (cryto/blockchain/DeFi/NFTs) BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT? Read these threads.

Decentralized, distributed tech "company" as a DAO using Ethereum's economy with open-source products (our "company" is also open-source and you can contribute+govern with votes - and may weekly take a % of our vaults).

Our mission: leverage woman (not only cis, it includes trans woman as well) and people of color in a "company" where they are preferred to be hired to reach at least 51% (no caveats: not only in specific areas, but in all areas including the most important ones - why 51% or more? because most of the companies aren't diverse, so Plasmmer came to balance it - diversity Manifesto/guidelines soon).

  • We are not based in San Francisco, CA;
  • We are neither based in Austin, TX;
  • We are based in your heart, in the Ethereum blockchain, in virtual spaces (such as Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, Minecraft (if tokenized), TheSandbox, etc) and anywhere: as we are decentralized.

Our tokenized projects 🏩

Projects that have their own DAOs and, their respective tokens which a considerable amount pertains to Plasmmer DAO's Vault.

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The first newbie-friendly and decentralized operating system family.

Floflis Platform is a apps' platform for the web or can work as a app itself (like PortableApps Platform is a app to run apps - in this case HTML5Apps Platform), which can also come as a standalone OS (the case of UniOS, which is governed by both UNI and FLOF - 50%/50% - tokens). Floflis simply can work nearly anywhere.

Floflis also have a sub-project called "Screens", which is web-based and can work on browser, on B2G (as a replacement for FirefoxOS/KaiOS/GerdaOS), on a JADE fork (Desktop Environment for Linux) or on DCRS.

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IMPORTANT: currently our economy runs in the sidechain XDai, but we will soon migrate to Ethereum's L2 (layer 2 solution) Optimism (or probably mainly deployed on Ethereum and bridged on Optimism).

Interacting with Plasmmer

Working products (alpha/beta stage - pls don't blame us)

Did you say PROTOTYPES to test? 😻

Other projects pertaining to Plasmmer

  • Tamigucho (soon - take care, batch, feed and breed digital pets of different species that you can store in QR/NFC physical cards with their sales/shipping attached to NFTs)

Our subsidiaries

  • Plasmmer Developers (soon - includes PEHTML, FrameworkJS, CommonDesign and Eventlr)

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Join Plasmmer's decentralized governance.


Even being itself a hardware manufacturer, anyone will be able to use our open-source DIY guides to build their own Plasmmer devices and sell them. Our gadgets will be available for purchase using national currencies, cryptocurrencies or, in special cases, Plasmmer's ERC20 tokens.

License (mainly using OPI License, which is still a draft) will require Plasmmer's decentralized manufacturers/distributors to comply with some terms and standars.

Hardware products (soon)

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Powerful, modular, open and DIY notebook using pi boards.

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Powerful, modular, open and DIY desktop computer using a rig of connected pi boards.


Rejected projects

Plasmmer Keydrive